[CLOSED] The 'Ultimate Den' Design Competition with Lottie, Finn and Friends

Lottie, Finn and Mia were exploring in Branksea Woods when the three friends came across something very interesting... something old, abandoned, but special and full of potential!

Their discovery looked like the perfect place for adventures! The three adventurers began using their imaginations to transform this into the den of their dreams, would you like to help them create the ultimate den?! 

 Choose your template below - print - design and enter! 

Prize: The Winner - selected in JULY  - will have their ultimate Den created for them and a collection of Lottie, Finn and Friends to along with it!   

STEP 1 - Choose Your Den Template and Print it Out

Lottie, Finn and Mia stumbled across.... 

1 ...an old tram carriage, they think it was used to transport materials to the dock years and years ago - could this be their new den?! 


2 ...what looks like a folly, but quite an old one - a structure which, to Lottie and friends looked very grand and castle-like, perhaps their new den?! 




3 ... offshore - amongst the grass and flowers, of all places, was an old boat - which the trio imagined as once a grand ship that sailed the seven seas, a den fit for three?! 



STEP 2 - Upload Your Completed Entry and Enter Your Details


Competition Ends Wednesday June 28th at 3pm (GMT+1)

Winners will be contacted via email and later announced here, and on Lottie social media on Monday July 3rd 2017. 



For Full Terms and Conditions, Visit:


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